About Us

Cavaletti was created to support the transport and care of high-performance horses. In 2010, the Cavaletti team created a step-by-step logistical system to ensure the safe, humane and proactive transport of our own competition horses. Quickly we learned that no other provider could match the level of welfare and safety that we expected and that our horses deserved.  

Through careful research and learning how to navigate port of entry requirements with industry standards and requirements; we quickly became a trusted name among ranchers, breeders and equine customers worldwide. Our customers know that we care for their animals like we care for our own, and that the safety and protection of the animal always comes first. 

After we mastered the transport of equine stock, Caveletti expanded to service other breeds of livestock. We partnered with a network of stables and livestock ranches to offer a more serene and tranquil experience for the animals we carry. 

Today, we are proud to partner with equine industry leaders across the globe including Mexico, USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Our long-standing alliance with the Houston International Airport has created a gateway for us to reliably and confidently transport to and from almost anywhere. 

Whether you need a door-to-door, turnkey transport, a safe quarantine stop-over, or a long-term housing and care for your stock, Cavaletti can customize the logistics needed to fit your budget and ensure a great experience for you and your animals